• Cassandra Fay Smith

Kayne West? Slavery was a Choice? Really?

1. CHOSE to work "Sun up to Sun Down".

2.. CHOSE to work for not a penny.

3. CHOSE to be bought, sold, traded, gifted...or lost in a poker game.

4. CHOSE to leave their home, family and friends and be sent to unknown destination.

5. CHOSE to marry the person their owner chose for them.

6. CHOSE to live on a peck of corn and quarter pound of bacon a week.

7. CHOSE to accept random acts of violence.

8. CHOSE to be an unarmed minority within an armed majority.

They chose to live and adapt to the most oppressive form of slavery in the history of manknd. They chose to fight so that their descendants would live into the 21st century.

They chose to survive.

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